PUBG collaborates with the popular group Blackpink

In recent months, various “survival shooter” style titles have had great collaborations with superstars from both the entertainment and sports worlds, such as the appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo in Free Fire in 2020 and more recently Ariana Grande and her Rift Tour in Fortnite.
Continuing this trend, Blackpink, the iconic K-pop group founded in 2016 with a lot of hits that captivated the global youth , will be teaming up with PUBG through a special event in time. limited, after successfully holding the mobile version in September 2020.
PUBG collaborates with the popular group Blackpink - photo 1
This was revealed through a press release from KRAFTON Inc., a Korean video game holding company based in Seongnam and the father of PUBG. Thereby, the studio in charge of the franchise has announced that in August and September 2021, PUBG will welcome a brand new collaboration event of Blackpink.
During this special event, players can find special quests that will reward them with points, which they can use to purchase exclusive items based on the Korean hit group.
In total, there will be 38 items based on the outfits each Blackpink member wears on stage, plus in-game supply boxes with designs for all the weapons and accessories, decals on the buildings. houses and even an exclusive jet tail for a limited time. In the event that players are unable to complete the quests before the event ends, they don’t need to worry, as they can still be purchased in the shop.
All 38 items based on members Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé will be available in the in-game store as cosmetic packs available until the end of 2021. Each set based on the Blackpink stars will include hairstyles, themed outfits, nameplates, a helmet, a weapon and an emoji.
In addition, more events will be revealed later, where players will have a chance to receive real Blackpink helmets and autographed CDs of the group.
The collaboration event between PUBG and Blackpink will take place from August 8 to September 9 on PC and from August 12 to September 15 on consoles.

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