Blackpink released a new MV

MV How You Like That Japanese version is the latest MV of Blackpink to be released. However, until now, the song still has only modest views compared to the new MVs of BTS and TWICE.

In addition to the Lovesick Girls MV, Blackpink recently continued to release another Japanese version of the MV based on the title song released last year. That is How You Like That – a hit that has stormed domestic and foreign music charts.

It is known that “How You Like That” is one of the 2 title songs in the full album THE ALBUM -JP Ver.- released in Japan on the same day.

Looking at the whole new MV in Japanese, the group only has the scenes when they sing in Japanese to be refreshed, most of the rest when they sing in English, they still keep the old scenes.

The most special thing in this Japanese MV is that only Jisoo has a completely different scene from the previous release.

When the MV was released, it was well received by the fans. However, the MV’s achievement is not very good compared to strong competitors like BTS, TWICE. Specifically, until now, the Japanese version of How You Like That has only garnered nearly 3 million views – an extremely modest number.

However, this is a renewed song from the old song, plus the Japanese MV has never been Blackpink’s strongest point, so some fans can understand that this MV does not create a strong attraction like previous products.

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